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Last summer, I had a fling with a boy. An artist. We had just been going to the park or watching movies, so we decided to have a productive day. He had an art project he wanted to work on and I had a story I wanted to work on. I told him what my story was about (werewolves), and he laughed at me because I wanted to write about something that is really popular in today’s young adult fiction. It really upset me and I decided to stop writing it because I didn’t want to be another Stephanie Meyer. I wanted to be another Patricia Briggs. 

First of all, let me just say that you should never tell an artist of any kind that what they want to create is stupid. Don’t even imply it. 

Anyway, a couple days later, I realized something very important. I shouldn’t be ashamed or embarrassed for writing young adult fiction. I read YA when I was a kid. Hell, I still read YA. But those books are the books that got me started reading in the first place. They are the books that helped shape who I am today. They are Harry Potter and Chronicles of Narnia and Stardust and yes, even Twilight. These are the books that get kids reading and eventually they’ll grow up and read more adult things. But they aren’t going to start out reading things like Game of Thrones or Shakespeare.

Young Adult fiction is important.