At last! At last! The quarter is finally over!

This quarter has been simultaneously the most stressful quarter I’ve ever had and the most rewarding. (Granted, I say every quarter is the most stressful.)

But dwelling on why it was stressful doesn’t do me any good, so I’ll just focus on the good things that happened.

In my fiction writing class, although I started out not having any idea what to write about, I ended up with two pieces that I’m proud of. (One is more complete and cohesive than the other, but I’m proud of the other’s main idea.) The pieces are both topics and stories that are true to my interests. I didn’t cave to the time crunch and stress and write about something I didn’t care about. I didn’t write in a genre that didn’t interest me simply because I could come up with a cliche plot in time to turn the assignment in. I wrote pieces that I would want to read. Yes, they both still need a lot of work, but they are actually pieces I’d be willing to work on. Too often, I write a piece just because it’s an assignment and never cared about it enough in the first place to bother revising.

In my literature and history class, I discovered that I like a lot of the classics a lot more than I originally expected I would. (Of course, I already knew I loved Oedipus Rex. I was so excited to get to read that.) Of the stories we read (and that I can think of off the top of my head), I loved Gilgamesh, Oedipus Rex, the Metamorphoses, The Thousand and One Nights, Marie de France’s “Lanval,” and Chaucer’s “Wife of Bath.” There were some I didn’t like, but I’m not gonna mention any names. *cough*Aeneid*cough*Dante’s Inferno.
I also found out this quarter that four of the six pieces I submitted to the Manastash (student literary journal) were accepted. I am pleased and proud, especially because of the range among the pieces. One is a nonfiction piece about mental illness, one is a fiction satire piece about princesses, one is a fiction piece about a waitress who gets kidnapped, and one is basically a love poem.
Now, I am ending the quarter with several ideas for new stories, which is several ideas more than I usually have. Thank goodness, too. I’m taking advanced fiction writing next quarter, so I should probably spend Spring Break brainstorming and fleshing these ideas out.