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Okay, so the last two writer’s that read last quarter were Mark Wunderlich and Xavier Cavazos. Both were poets, and both were cool. Mark’s book of poetry (his 3rd) was very pastoral and religious in nature. Xav’s were more political. I got to talk with Mark one on one about poetry, and he was very helpful. One thing he mentioned trying is to write the poem backwards. Like, if you end with one image, move that to the beginning and start from there. (That was mainly because I wrote a poem about my love for pizza and didn’t reveal that it was pizza til the end, so it felt like a trick.) Use lots of imagery. And for me specifically, he advised me to try writing more metered stuff because that seems to be what I’m good at. This summer, I want to try and write a poem a day. Hopefully.

Xav sat in on my class for the last few weeks and will be teaching poetry writing next year. He said that it’s not done until you say it is, and when you say it is, it’s done. (Because sometimes you just need to realize that you can’t do any more on it.) He also said lots of other things, but it’s been a while. I’ve got them written down on his chapbook on my bookshelf.