I was a pretty avid reader as a child. I was one of those kids who blew threw the Harry Potter books in a day. I especially loved fantasy. No surprise there. Equally not surprising was the fact that I grew up to major in English, writing specialization.

Unfortunately, although I am super nerdy, college took a turn for the worse.

I stopped reading.

College killed all pleasure I got from reading. I never had time to read for fun with all the homework and all the required readings.

And that’s another thing. I was assigned to read a lot of great stuff, but when it becomes assigned, it instantly becomes a chore.

So I stopped reading for fun.

Until I graduated from college, the last book I read for fun was the first Game of Thrones book the summer before I began college.

Sure, I’d started numerous books. I tried reading Lisa Cron’s Wired for Story. I tried reading A Clash of Kings. Hell, I even opened one of my Shel Silverstein poetry collections.

I don’t recall ever finishing anything. I don’t think I ever truly read the entirety of any of my required readings, either. Except maybe Oedipus the King and Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been?, but those have long been favorites of mine.

Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately), you can’t be a great writer without doing a bit of reading. So once I graduated, I decided to start reading again. I have a shit ton a books, so it’s not like I was lacking material.

I want to love reading again. I remember staying up for hours just sitting in bed reading. I don’t do that any more, and I’m a much slower reader than I was when I was younger. Granted, I have work to deal with now and can’t just spend a day reading. And I do most of my reading in the tub, so it’s not like I can stay in there forever.

But I’m getting there. I’ve read four books since I graduated. The first one took me 3 months to get through. The last three have taken about 3 weeks.

After taking 3 months to read a book, I went back to some books I loved from my childhood. I needed something easy to read. Simple plots and simple sentences. I’m not where I used to be, but I’m getting there.