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Dark Places by Gillian Flynn, author of Gone Girl, follows Libby Day as she investigates her family’s murder.

I stopped reading in college (says the English Major…), and I’ve been trying to get back into reading since graduating in December. Dark Places is the first book since college that I literally could not put down. It is one of the most interesting and well-put together stories I’ve read in a long while. And the twist was appropriately foreshadowed.

The overall language of the novel was beautiful. Flynn has great skill in both imagery and character development. (She really loves the use of metaphor, so if you don’t like metaphors…you should read it anyway.)

Flynn’s novel is a perfect example of successful use of flashbacks and dream sequences (which are the two narrative devices I hate most). Her writing suggests a mastery of language that I can only marvel at and hope to eventually achieve.

The only thing that kind of fell flat for me was the ending. Both the climax and the resolution felt weaker compared to the rest of the novel. But the story did seem to come full circle, so I can forgive that.