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This post has been copied and pasted from my tumblr blog, which accounts for lack of capitalization and the lack of attention to grammar. However, I thought I’d share my insight here as well.

upon revision, please remove all cases of “(s)he was the type of girl/boy who…”

for example, instead of saying “she was the type of girl who had chapstick hidden everywhere in her house,” say “she hid chapstick everywhere in her house.”

“she was the type of girl who…” is a redundant phrase. unnecessary, extra words that only serve to take up space. when you say “she hid chapstick everywhere,” we can already understand that she is the type of girl who would do this.

conversely, if she werent the type and she does it anyway, instead of telling us that she isn’t the type, set up what type of person she is so later we can understand the significance of her doing/not doing something by coming to that conclusion all on our own. Not only does this help you to show rather than tell, but it builds trust between you and your readers because you trust them to understand what you’re saying and they trust you to not think they’re too stupid to understand it.