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Happy New Year! I hope you all had a great holiday season.

I’d like to start off 2017 with the most important writing advice. I’m sure I’ve said it before, and I know you’ve all heard it before:


Write, write, write, write, write.

Sit your butt in the chair and just write.

You are not going to get anything written if you don’t actually write.

Of course, that advice isn’t always the easiest to follow. We come up with excuses-but I dont have time, I dont like anything I write, I have depression (these are all of my excuses). 

If writing is really important to you, make time. You dont have to write every day. Even if you just find some time on the weekends to write. 

Writing is a skill; by practicing, you will get better.

Depression is a whole different conversation, and I honestly don’t have much advice on this one. First take care of yourself, then worry about writing.

I guess what all this boils down to is making writing a priority in your life. (Yes, even the part about putting writing second to your own mental health. Taking care of yourself will make it easier to get into a writing mindset. At least, thats how it works for me.) 

If writing is important to you, then treat it like it is important to you.