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This year I resolve to write more. (Shouldn’t be too hard, sadly.)

Writing tip idea: start by setting out to write the shittiest version of the story you want to write. This should help relieve the pressure to write a Great story. Also, sometimes it can be fun to write really bad stories. My theory for why writing bad is fun is a. The reduced stress to be perfect brings you back to a time when you wrote just to write, allowing you to just live in the story and not worry about nitpicking the grammar and structure and other things like that (which also allows you to build stronger relationships with your characters so you as an author can get to know them better), and b. sometimes it is just fun to deal in cliches. 

Then, after you’ve allowed yourself to write a really shitty story, your next goal is to revise it into a better story.

I have not tested this idea and cannot speak for it, but I will try it and get back to you guys.

Has anyone else tried this before? Did it work? What starting strategies have you guys used before?